Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What do I get for my entry fee?
All Westfield Half Marathon, 10K and 5k participants will receive a commemorative gift.  All gifts are guaranteed to those people who register by 6/10/17.  Those who register after that date, gifts are subject to availability. All participants are invited to the post-race festivities with live music, food and plenty of fun. Please bring your race number with you to the post-race party as that is your ticket for food.

How can I sign up for the event?
You can register on line or by mail.



What are the age limits for the races?
You must be 12 years of age to run the Half Marathon. We encourage participants of all ages to join us for the 10K or 5k. Parents or guardians are encouraged to run with their minor children but must be registered for the race. Responsible adult family members must be present at the finish to receive their minor children as there will be no additional security beyond the secured finisher’s area, and no specific parent/child reunion area!

Are the races walker friendly?
Yes, we will have plenty of participants who will walk. The 13.1 mile course will be open for 4 hours, for runners, which equates to a 18:19 minute per mile pace. Participants on the 5k course must maintain a 20 minute per mile pace.  All walkers will start the race at 8:00 a.m.

Where can I find a course map?
Click here for the course maps for the Westfield Marathon, 10K & 5K.

What will the weather be like in Westfield during June?
It’s New England, so be prepared for anything.

Will I receive a refund if I cannot attend? Can someone else run with my number?
There are absolutely NO refunds and NO transfers – NO exceptions.

It is imperative that the registration data associated with your race number does in fact belong to you, the participant.

Our past races have been marred by numerous participants running under the guise of someone else’s race number. While this may seem harmless to the parties perpetrating the unauthorized bib transfer, it does convey serious consequences to the organizers and participant field alike.

From race results to finishers’ awards being impacted, as well as medical staff being able to correctly identify participants in need of treatment, it is imperative that the registration data associated with your race number does in fact belong to you, the participant.

Are baby joggers or strollers allowed during the race?
Yes, they are allowed, but if you choose to run with a baby jogger, you must seed yourself behind all other runners. It is your responsibility to make sure your baby jogger does not impede other runners, and you must take extra precaution to ensure your safety, your child’s safety, and the safety of others around you. We reserve the right to pull any person from the race who is endangering other runners or themselves.

Are pets allowed during the race?
No, pets are not allowed. This is to ensure runner safety and comply with liability insurance policies.

Are headphones (iPods, mp3 players, etc) allowed during the race?
Headphones and other listening devices are allowed (but not encouraged) for any runner who is not competing for a cash prize.  Please just be alert of any runners or vehicles that are around you.

Packet Pick Up:

How will I receive my race packet?
You must have your ID to pick up your race number – NO EXCEPTIONS. We will not mail your race packet before the race.  Packets can be picked up early at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Westfield on Friday 6/23/17, between  4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., and of course on Saturday, 06/24/17, prior to the race.

Can someone else pick up my packet for me?
Yes, as long as they have a copy of your photo ID and a letter signed by you providing permission for that person to pick up your packet. If you are picking up race numbers for others, you must have your ID, a note from the person you are picking up for authorizing you to pick up their packet and a copy of their ID – NO EXCEPTIONS. You may pick up a family member’s race packet as long as your last name is the same and you have your ID.

Can I register on race day?
Yes, but the prices goes up to $65.00, we encourage to sign up online, makes everyone jobs easier and it’s cheaper for you.

Do you take credit cards for registration on Saturday?

Race Information:

Will there be water stops?
Yes, there will be water stops approximately every 2 miles on the course (water only)

Where can we park for the races?
At the Boys and Girls Club parking lot as well as the South Middle School on West Silver St.

What are the event start times?

Westfield Half Marathon will promptly at 9:00 am (Walkers at 8:00 a.m.)

10K & 5K will both start promptly at 9:05 a.m.

Is there a dry bag check?

What time should I be there?
We encourage all participants and spectators to arrive between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. to ensure parking availability and allow for adequate time to change, warm up, and get to the starting line.

Is there a time limit?
Yes, participants in the Westfield Half Marathon are limited to 4 hours, an 18:19 minute per mile pace.

Will spectators be allowed to view the finish?
Yes, there will be plenty of space to view your runner finish. We also invite you to stay and take part in the post race party. There will be a small meal fee if a non runner wishes to eat. The fee is $5.00.

Are the Courses Certified by USATF?

Yes, only  Half Marathon and 5K are certified courses by the USATF

Half Marathon – #MA14003JK
5K – #MA14002JK


Will there be an awards ceremony?
Yes, approximately 2.5 hours after the start of the race.

Will the race be timed?
Yes, we will be using timing chips.

Where will my results be posted?
Results can be found HERE after the race and at the Boys and Girls Club on race day.

Where will photos of the race be posted?
Can be found HERE after the race.